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University of Waterloo Student Residence

Waterloo, Ontario

New Residence Building

UW’s The New Residence Building also known as Claudette Millar Hall is located in the heart of UW place. This was the only new residence project completed on time for this school year.

The residence offers single and semi-private options for students with study space. Each floor holds six study and community lounge areas; lower levels occupy a gymnasium, large kitchen with several well-known restaurants and multiple dining areas for “market-style dining” feel, a theatre, and games room for students to enjoy.

Construction of the building included insulated concrete forms (ICF), exterior walls, load bearing masonry, hollow core precast floors with brick exterior and mixed metal panels, and window walls.


Masri O Inc., Nelco Mechanical, Stecho Electric, Chung & VanderDoelen Engineering, Knell and Company, EMCAD Consulting, MTE Consultants, GSP Group



Project Duration

October 2014 - July 2017


30,000sq ft