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Real Estate Development Services

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We provide vertically-integrated development and construction management to a variety of real estate projects. As the Development Manager, we guide the development process, coordinate the broader development team, and serve as the central point for communication and decision making.

Honesty, Integrity, Pride of Workmanship

Since our inception in 1982 we have been fortunate to have worked with leading organizations across all real estate asset classes. Over 30 years of experience provides us with a unique perspective to implement best practices on behalf of our clients to ensure a successful real estate development and construction project.

We are able to provide a wide range of services, depending on the needs of the client. From comprehensive services that see the project from initial idea through to completion, to a portion of services that supplement a larger project.

Real Estate Development Services

  • Market research and analysis

  • Highest and best use studies

  • Identify, evaluate and structure property acquisitions

  • Prepare development concept plans

  • Feasibility analysis

  • Identification of stakeholders and interest groups

  • Public and stakeholder consultation

  • Identify, evaluate, select, coordinate, and supervise project consultants to ensure productivity and proper invoicing
    Planning, engineering, architectural, design, property management

  • Negotiate and procure all regulatory approvals
    Official plan, zoning, draft plan, site plan

  • Prepare project budgets
    Design development and construction

  • Prepare and track detailed project schedules with ongoing reports

  • Acquire all required licenses and permits to permit construction

  • Assist in obtaining project financing
    Senior debt, mezzanine and equity

  • Establish and implement project cost control

  • Competitive bidding and accounting procedures
    Including all bookkeeping functions and payment of invoices

  • Determine product specifications with global procurement and significant purchasing power for project materials

  • Develop and implement Innovative building sciences and other value engineering components to improve project returns

  • Review and implement LEED, district energy or other environmentally sustainable solutions

  • Coordinate, negotiate, supervise and administer the construction contract through to completion and initial occupancy

  • Develop and oversee all marketing, sales and leasing strategies

  • Assist with organizing property management

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