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KW Habilitation Affordable Housing

Kitchener, Ontario

Affordable Housing Project

KW Habilitation Affordable Housing was constructed with precast floors and load bearing masonry interior walls, exterior insulated concrete forms, and low maintenance brick veneer. This facility will provide a wide range of services to support children of special needs and adults with developmental issues for many years to come.

Some issues presented themselves throughout this project, including contaminated ground water running underneath the site, thus contaminated soil. Adding to this was a high water table. As a solution, a Cupolex system was installed under the floor slab to provide an air cavity and constant ventilation to remove any air vapours migrating into the building.

The small footprint of the site required impeccable organization of all trades and workers for safety and timely progression of the site. This task was skillfully handled by our site supervisor and managers.


ABA Architects, Collins Engineering, Mighton Engineering, MTE Consultants, Golder & Associates, MHBC Planning



Project Duration

May 2017 - May 2018


20,000sq ft




KW Habilitation