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Manitoulin Transport Barrie

Innisfil, Ontario

New Cross-Dock Transportation Terminal

This new state-of-the-art terminal was built and designed to allow Manitoulin to provide superior service for its customers.

A 10-acre site was developed in Innisfil, Ontario to house a new transportation terminal. This 21,716 square foot facility features a two-storey workspace and a cross-docking system with 22 bay doors. The facility adheres to Manitoulin’s commitment to ISO green initiatives using techniques such as the installation of energy-efficient LED lighting.

The new Barrie facility is a critical part of Manitoulin’s extensive network of 82 terminals across North America, providing Manitoulin customers with transportation coverage from coast to coast. The new terminal presents Manitoulin with an increased shipping capacity and ensures their continued growth as they face a steady increase in demand for their services.


Tacoma Engineers, Innovative Planning Solutions, WMI & Associates Limited, Rombald Inc.



Project Duration

Feb 2020 - Feb 2021


21,716 sq ft


$ 5,500,000

Project Type

Construction Management


Manitoulin Group of Companies