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Angstrom Engineering

Waterloo, Ontario

New High-tech Office and Industrial Building

This modern high-tech building will house a new 50,000 sq. ft. headquarters for
Angstrom Engineering. The building is comprised of both manufacturing and
office space, designed with a unique flow between the two spaces. Founded in
1992, Angstrom has quickly grown into a thriving international company with an
established reputation; thus, they decided to build this new space in response to
growing demand for their services.

In addition to workspaces, boardrooms, and outdoor amenity space for all Angstrom staff, the building will feature a large manufacturing area with many unique elements. The manufacturing space includes spaces such as a pre-clean and clean room, showers and locker areas, a washing area, a shipping and loading bay, an industrial-sized nitrogen compressor installation, and a built-in crane for moving heavy equipment.


ABA Architects Inc. MTE Consultants, Fortech Engineering



Project Duration

July 2021 - August 2022


50,000 sq ft  4,645 m²



Project Type

Construction Management


Angstrom Engineering