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Bellflower Market Galt

Cambridge, Ontario

Located in the northern region of Galt's renowned and richly historical Gaslight District, The Bellflower Market stands as a captivating and versatile establishment. It serves as an exquisite venue encompassing a fully-licensed boutique grocery store, a cozy café, and an elegant wine bar, inviting patio and dining areas.

From the exterior, The Bellflower Market showcases restored masonry, along with a newly renovated roof and windows. Stepping inside, visitors are greeted by a captivating interior featuring carefully preserved century-and-a-half-old elements such as interior limestone walls, durable concrete floors, sturdy overhead crane rails, vintage beams, and elegant wood ceilings. These historical elements have been meticulously renewed and given a new lease of life during the restoration process.

The Bellflower Market pays homage to the rich architectural history of the building while seamlessly incorporating contemporary amenities and design sensibilities.


Martin Simmons Architects, MTE Consultants Inc., DEI & Associates Inc.



Project Duration

Jan 2023 - Aug 2023


4,951 sqft




HIP Developments