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Waterloo Regional Police Service Central Division

Kitchener, Ontario

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Renovation of Former Provincial Courthouse

In the heart of downtown Kitchener, the transformation of the former 1977 courthouse into the new Central Division for the Waterloo Regional Police Service is an inspiring success story. This redevelopment project meticulously retained the iconic "Aporia" sculpture while introducing innovative features, sustainable practices, and community-oriented spaces.

The project's standout achievements include strategic shoring for stairwell removal, precise demolition techniques, enhanced load-bearing capacity, and the strategic management of logistics. Notably, advanced technologies were integrated for cell block security and evidence management, complemented by intricate masonry work for 42 jail cells. The facility now seamlessly combines historical preservation with modern functionality, offering a dynamic space for community-led events and serving as the hub for policing units in the region, all while achieving LEED Silver certification for environmental design.


Dialog Ontario Inc. , LEA Consulting Ltd., PMA Landscape Architects



Project Duration

March 2021 - July 2022


90,000 sq ft


$ 44,530,000

Project Type

Public Tender


Region of Waterloo