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Strata - LAUNCH

Waterloo, Ontario

New Waterloo Condo Development

On the site of the old Waterloo Post Office, comes a new condo development to the region. The project will include the construction of a 24 storey tower, and a shorter 11 storey tower connected to the prior with a bridge that will house fitness and amenities.

The first five floors of the development will be devoted to LAUNCH, a public facility that will provide a unique teaching structure to ensure our children have the opportunity to excel in the creative use of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). The public space will also be programed with engaging activity that will celebrate our creative achievements.

Strata Waterloo will incorporate 321 units above LAUNCH and include amenities such as; lounges, fitness centres, yoga studio, podium terraces, and a pool. The mixed use project is located in a great location for intensification that will balance out Uptown Waterloo, support new businesses, expand local cultural and educational clusters, and increase tourism within the area.


Multi-Unit Residential

Project Duration

Pre-construction May 2018


268,000 sq.ft.


$ 80,000,000

Project Type

Construction Management