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Queensland Condos

Stratford, Ontario

Modern Condo in Historic Surroundings

Queensland Condominiums is a new landmark community in historic Stratford. It's a 6 storey precast development with 151 1 and 2 bedroom suites.

This latest community by HIP Developments focuses on providing a small-town living experience with unique access to historic charm in a modern setting. Inside, the community boasts designer finishes and unique amenity spaces. Outside, the building breathes a breath of fresh air into the rural skyline, seated within walking distance to the renowned heritage-centric neighborhood amenities.


ABA Architect Inc., Witzel Dyce Engineering Inc., Hyatt Engineering Inc., DEI & Associates Inc., GSP Group Inc., MTE Consultants Inc.


Multi-Unit Residential

Project Duration

Aug 2023 - June 2025


159,479 sqft



Project Type

Construction Management


HIP Developments