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The Management of Melloul-Blamey shall be committed to preventing workplace violence and to maintain a safe and healthy work environment for all Workers.  Every reasonable effort will be made to ensure that the Health and Safety of all our Workers are protected from injury and occupational disease.  All Workers have the right to work in a safe and healthy workplace.

Through continuous improvement, Senior Management, Superintendents, Corporate Health and Safety Committee and all Workers shall be committed to their responsibility in compliance with Health and Safety in the workplace.  Melloul-Blamey will demonstrate this through the implementation of its occupational Health and Safety Program.

To support this commitment, Melloul-Blamey, Corporate Health and Safety Committee and all Workers will share a joint responsibility to maintain an Internal Responsibility System (IRS) directed at reducing and preventing incidents, injuries, accidents and occupational disease and illnesses.

It is the responsibility of each Worker to adhere to our Health and Safety Policy and Program and to Ontario's Occupational Health and Safety Act and its Regulations for Construction Projects, along with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act (WSIA), and Workplace Safety and Insurance Board Regulation 1101 (First Aid Requirements).

Superintendents are by law accountable to protect the Health and Safety of Workers under their supervision, to ensure that machinery and equipment is in safe working order and Workers work in compliance with established safe work practices and procedures.

Workers will receive full job safety orientation prior to employment to protect their own Health and Safety and to ensure they work in compliance with the law and work safe procedures established by Melloul-Blamey.

Our total commitment to Health and Safety must form an integral part of our daily lives.  Melloul-Blamey expected results are no lost time injury or occupational illnesses.

In conclusion, Senior Management, Superintendents, Corporate Health and Safety Committee and Workers are responsible and shall demonstrate commitment to safety by adhering to legislated duties, Company Policies and Procedures to ensure the safety and protection of all Workers on site.  Management will review this Health and Safety Management System annually.

Yours in Safety

Signed: Melloul-Blamey Construction Senior Management
February 2017