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Heldman House 

Kitchener, Ontario

Photo Gallery: Heldman House will appear here on the public site.


Sportsworld Crossing was presented with a unique development opportunity upon discovering that a former schoolhouse at Sportsworld Crossing was in fact a heritage building with ties to the early settlement of Kitchener. The Pine Grove School, formerly known as “Little Paradise”, was built around 1890 and served as a school for early settlers in the surrounding area.

In the mid-1950s, Henry Heldman purchased the historic Pine Grove Public School building. It was replaced by a larger school which was built nearby. Henry Heldman then converted the old school building into a factory and private dwelling. The factory produced plastic bandages; Henry became the first manufacturer of plastic bandages and was subsequently awarded a Canadian Plastics Certificate of Merit for his achievement. Henry’s business, Cress Laboratories, also produced skin care products which were sold in Canadian pharmacies for a period of 66 years.

After Henry's death in 1972 the business was carried on in the school building by Henry's wife Marion, his sons John and Jim, and other members of the Heldman family. Marion Heldman remained in the Heldman House until 1997. The structure was home to Mad Science as part of the Sportsworld Water Park; and the building and land were purchased in 2005 to become part of Sportsworld Crossing. In honour of the Heldman family, Sportsworld Crossing has named the interior road running past the school from King Street to Sportsworld Drive Heldman Road.

Borealis Grille & Bar, Kitchener is home to the beautifully refurbished early 19th Century historic schoolhouse. Every effort was made to respect and enhance the original architecture of the schoolhouse by keeping and restoring much of the interior design that makes it so special. The original floors have been refinished while tin ceilings and metal work were created by local artisans. Borealis Kitchener is a unique "journey back to see the future" dining experience.

Project Duration:February 2010 - August 2010
Size: 5,511 sq. Ft
Value:$ 890,000.00
Contract Type:Construction Management 
Consultants:Petroff Partnership Architects, Genivar Consulting Group, Ellard Wilson Engineering, Hammerschlag & Joffe

"We took pleasure working with you on the Heldman House project, which tangibly demonstrated that we, as a society, can revere and preserve our past, and yet enhance the present and future, by tastefully integrating a lovely heritage building  within a modern development. During project implementation Melloul-Blamey consistently expressed the company's trademark team-oriented approach to delivering a quality product for  the client by providing focus and attention to detail and skillfully coordinating and executing all phases of this satisfying effort."

Mike Hauss, CET, Senior Inspector
MTE Consultants