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Our People

Our Strongest Asset

Contractor using power toolThe project team is the single most important facet of any contractor's stable of resources. These are the people who will ultimately be responsible, in conjunction with the consultant team members, for the success of the project. They are the asset that the designers and owner's representatives will look to in solving construction issues, in devising complex construction phasing plans and in proposing solutions when challenges are confronted. They will be the driving force in the successful completion of established project milestones with respect to schedule and budget.

Two contractors working on foundationMelloul-Blamey's objective in assembling the proposed team for your project is to combine superior preconstruction capabilities with proven construction and commissioning skills. Our team understands the importance of team commitment and the complexities and protocols associated with projects of any nature.

We have a strong team of seasoned builders who understand the process for a successful project while addressing the key project touchstones of budget, schedule and owner's guidelines.

Office Support and Backup

Melloul-Blamey has over 50 experienced construction administrators in the head office in Waterloo, these individuals include project managers, estimators, design & development, information technology and accounting. We have the set skills in place to provide many layers of administration required to make this project a success.

graphics1Our team is comprised of:

  • Gold Seal Certified Professionals (CCA)
  • Site Superintendents
  • Field Engineers
  • Full-Time Carpenters
  • Full-Time Safety Department
  • Senior Mechanical/Electrical Support

We build our staff from within by utilizing our in house training room.

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