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Melloul Blamey office on Borden Ave in KitchenerOur History

In 1982, Bernard Melloul and David Blamey, classmates from Conestoga College, left their employer to begin Melloul-Blamey Construction. The business began with an office on Borden Ave in Kitchener. In the beginning, projects were primarily acquired through fixed price bidding of public and private work.

Over the years, Melloul-Blamey has constructed over 750 institutional, recreational, commercial and industrial projects with a total value of over $1 billion.

Today, Melloul-Blamey is the one of the largest General Contractors in Canada's Technology Triangle.

Melloul-Blamey has evolved and adapted to the ever-changing construction market by:

  • Successfully applying experiences in the public tender fixed price market to best suit the modern building format of Construction Management. Our growing client list includes some of the most influential companies in the province.
  • Continuing growth and diversification - David Blamey and a team of Canadians moved to Greenville, South Carolina in 2000 to set up an American office.
  • Implementing an innovative succession plan to highlight the individual strengths of Joel Melloul, Jeff Shantz, Steve Hanley and Jeff Heimpel, as they lead the 2nd generation of Melloul-Blamey Construction into the 21st century, thereby ensuring the future legacy of the company. 

The founders of Melloul-BlameyThe founders and new owners of Melloul-Blamey are bound by the same distinct vision that has successfully shaped the company for the past 30 years.